Agriculture: Research and Development

Agriculture: Research and Development

May 29, 2018 0 By Xamnation Editor

According to data Indian’s productivity in agricultural products is comparatively less with respect to other developing countries let alone the developed world.

Countries like Brazil, China are the leaders in highest yield because of their focus on Agriculture Research and Education, along with extension and Training

Investment in R&D and infrastructure become more important for a country like India where  more than half of the population is dependent upon agriculture as its mainstay out of which more than two third is rain-fed. This shows that our agriculture dependence on vagaries of monsoon sometimes prove to be fatal especially for farmers.

This calls for a serious analysis of the problems which are manifolds, like Debt trap , low crop productivity , low yield crop, sub-optimal returns, distress sale etc.


India too has implemented National Mission on Agriculture Extention and Technology which has following features-

  1. Mass media support to Farmer
  • Doordarshan has dedicated a separate channel on Agriculture – DD – Kisan  
  • Radio station air Agriculture related programmers 6 days/weeks
  1. Kisan call centres
  • Provides formers with all agriculture related information through toll free no.
  1. Exhibition and fair – are regularly organized in various parts of the country to educate about latest farming technique.
  2. Indian Council of Agriculture Research(ICAR) has setup Krishi Vigyan Kendras across the country to facilitate farmers access to latest agricultural technology.
  3. Many Agricultural Institutes like. NDRI (National Dairy Research Institute) conduct Workshops, training for formers to enhance their productivity


  • Farmers are still scientifically unaware of modern farming techniques to enhance productive.
  • They still rely on over usage of fertilizer and over irrigation.
  • Organic Agriculture , varying certain states like Sikkim has failed to reach its potential
  • Modern Irrigation techniques like Drip irrigation also have not reached it’s potential

Way forward.

With the ambitions aim of the government to double the form income by 2022 ,some major steps must be taken to walk the talk live:-

  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Use of Drip irrigation sprinkles irrigation etc
  • Reuse of treated water
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Incursion of modern corporate farming
  • Mega food Parks
  • Farm gate mechanization.
  • Forward & Backward linkage.
  • Correct & timely MSP , Timely procurement, sale storage etc.
  • Value addition.
  • Export promotion led subsidies of government.

Also these is a scope for research & development to bring in new types of climate smart & climate resilient crop varieties that suits Indian soil.

  • Schemes like TOP (Tomato , Onion , Potato) act as cushion for distress sale to farmers.
  • Partnership with countries like Isreal can help share information & technology for minimal use of water in farming
  • Opening up of agriculture universities to promote education & research in agriculture
  • Training of farmers in use of soil health card to use balanced use of fertilizers to keep the soil usable.